Post Club

Post Club was a self-initiated project and excuse to illustrate and screenprint a whole bunch of postcards. 30 different postcards were created as well as other miscellaneous goods – tshirts, notebooks, prints and decals.

The project allowed me to experiment with new illustration styles and print methods, and the project gained attention which lead to commissioned works.

2011 – 2015


Post Club Logo

Icon Set

Current Dispatch Logo

Conceptually, Post Club has roots in snail-mail. The graphics and icons are inspired by postmarks and general mail imagery.

The postcards themselves were inspired by common themes, current events, and in one case the passing of my Nonna. The cards were screenprinted on sturdy papers to ensure they reached their destinations intact (although sometimes Canada Post had other ideas).

Miscellaneous Post Clubbery

Postcard: Royal Flush

Postcard: Several Decker

Postcard: Espresso Time

Postcard: Squareback

Postcard: A.O.K.

Ice Cream Bike Poster

Postcard: Due True North

Postcard: The Daily Globe

Postcard: Nonna's Meat Sauce (Secret Family Recipe)

Postcard: Amelia Earhart

Postcard: Spotmatic

Postcard: More Than Meets the Eye

Postcard: Use Yer Hands

Postcard: Devour

Postcard: Snowbirds

Postcard: Choice Cuts

Postcard: Call Me

Postcard: Mo

Postcard: Mixtape Pirate

Postcard: Collaboration

Postcard: That's It, That's All

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