These enamelware cups were created in the spirit of waking up early and striking while the iron is hot. "R" stands for Reveille which is a morning wake up call by bugle that is used in the military.

This self-directed project was an opportunity to experiment with branding and to make a product I can actually use on a day-to-day basis. The cups were manufactured in Poland and are built to last. You can use them over a campfire or even on your stovetop to reheat your coffee.


Art Direction, Product Design, Branding, Illustration

Featured in Avenue Magazine

180 cups were produced in total – all of which were sold online, at Market Collective, and in a few retail locations in Calgary.

Reveille Logo and Pattern

Icon Set

The minimum order for a run of matches is 2500 books, which means if you ever need any matches, I'm your guy.

Enamel Cups and Hand-Painted Sign

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